The what. The why.

Our story begins during the pandemic in a kitchen, amidst the rhythmic clamor of pots and pans, the hiss of the grill, the aromatic wafts of spices and herbs, and the quick-fire commands of a seasoned chef. It was in this symphony of tastes, sounds, and the absolute sh*tshow, that the seed of Spindl was sown.

We realized that the kitchen's orchestrated chaos was echoed in the disjointed restaurant management systems - an intricate dance that was one step away from tripping. The industry was simmering with potential but lacked a unifying ingredient to tie all these flavors together.
Our team of restaurant software sommeliers took up this challenge, combining their passion for technology with a deep respect for the culinary world. From a homebrew recipe, they set out to create a Michelin-star solution, an elixir that would turn scattered systems into an orchestrated culinary performance.

They called this masterpiece 'Spindl'.

In crafting Spindl, we brought on board the expert taste buds of a renowned Michelin Star chef Kim Mikkola, ensuring our platform's flavors were as refined as the establishments it served. This partnership elevated Spindl from just a solution to a trusted companion in a restaurant's journey towards culinary excellence.
Now, Spindl stands by your side like a reliable maitre d’, ensuring your restaurant resonates with the sounds of hearty laughter, clinking glasses, and the sweet cha-ching of a flourishing cash register. As the world of gastronomy evolves, so does Spindl, striving to continually adapt and innovate, much like the chefs we work with.

Our team cherishes the lively and vibrant world of the food and beverage industry and shares a vision to revolutionize restaurant operations with cutting-edge technology. We believe in fostering a culture of excellence, customer centricity, and constant innovation, echoing the values we help instill in your business with our solution.
Every kitchen tells a story, and at Spindl, we're passionate about making yours a bestseller. So, come, join us on this flavorful journey. Let's create a culinary saga together, one delicious chapter at a time.

With Spindl, you're not just transforming your restaurant management - you're becoming a part of a community that breathes innovation, sizzles with passion, and creates experiences that leave a lingering taste of success.

Welcome to the Spindl family. Here's to a beautiful culinary journey ahead.